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Healing the Inner Child...

Where do I begin.

I started this offbeat path the summer of 2019. It has always called to me. I have always been drawn to it. It is home.

The poem below was the portal opening of my journey. I have never cried so much the past few months compared to my 40+ years of life on this Earth. I have never felt so much pain, anger, sorrow, grief. I am healing my womb, my feminine, generations of my family. May it bring peace and hope to someone out there...

Little Girl

To the little girl who had to grow up fast,

Whose green eyes witnessed hate, anger, abuse, chaos, loneliness, and despair,

Who couldn't find the voice to let out a scream that would shatter mirrors,

Who wouldn't let the salty tears roll down her cheeks to taste the torment, 

Who stood stoic and resilient, 

Who built a wall of protection, not letting anyone in, burying the emotions deep down, 

That little girl is now rising from the abyss of her shadows,

To be heard, to be felt, to be raw, 

Little girl, it's okay to bellow from your womb, I will listen.

Little girl, it's okay to release the howling tears, I will comfort.

Little girl, it's okay to set free the rage, I will acknowledge.

Little girl, it's okay to experience the melancholy, I will hold your hand.

Little girl, you will continue to ascend. 

Little girl, become the phoenix, become the raven.

Little girl, become the goddess, become the witch.