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Make your own magick.

About the Candles...

About The Sustainable Witch

My Journey

New Age, Buddhism, Wicca, Witchcraft, Spirit, the Divine... whatever you want to call it... has always had my interest and felt like home. 

September 2019, while rummaging through old memoirs in my cedar chest, sparked my reconnection with Spirit. September seems to be an emotional month for me... drawing inward, growth, soul searching, exploring, pondering, wandering...

September is not only my birth month. It was the month my mother had ended her life from a long battle with mental illness. The generational trauma fuels my drive to grow, embrace, surrender, release, and heal. 

Picture: my beautiful mother pregnant with me. 

Hobby that turned into passion...


~to be maintained at a certain rate or level -New Oxford American Dictionary.

~to be able to continue over a period of time -Cambridge Dictionary.


~"Using the power of the universe and the mind to attract wants and desires; being intune with Earth's natural resources and using them to mystically quench a spiritual thirst." -Laurie Rihiimaki,

Looking for creative outlets, I somehow stumbled upon the journey of candlemaking. I am looking to expand with herbal infused oils, bath salts & bombs, salves, intention oils, and butters. May you feel the love and magick behind each carefully crafted item.